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About Us

We @ Marcel Sourcing tackle the most daunting IT challenges head on. We design, manage and deliver IT solutions that sharpen business processes and streamline IT project delivery. And when you need it, we are also well-equipped to fill in the gaps on your team, handpicking talent from the marketplace that aligns with your company culture and business needs.

For over six years, our clients have counted on us to help them put technology solutions in place that propel them to the top of their markets. By engaging our management and IT consulting services, you will not only speed up project delivery but improve operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. We put our top people on it—from start to finish—whether we do the work or help you find the right people to add to your team so you can bring it in-house.

At Marcel Sourcing, we are experts in custom applications, enterprise architecture, systems integration, business process re-engineering, people, and governance. We tackle the most daunting IT challenges head on. We design, manage and deliver IT solutions that sharpen business processes and streamline IT project delivery. And when you need it, we are also well-equipped to fill in the gaps on your team, handpicking talent from the marketplace that aligns with your company culture and business needs.As a professional staffing company, we understand the importance of our clients being able to hire the right person for the right position at the right time for providing effective solutions and to remain competitive. As your staffing supplier, we aim to ensure that you find the right candidates no matter what the scale of your project or how complicated the job description. We are dedicated to provide elegant solutions to your staffing needs.

Why choose us?

Deep Sense : Being in resourcing industry for decades, we know your said and unsaid asks

Pre Screened candidates : Our empaneled experts screen candidates for you

Result Oriented : We don’t sign up unless sure on delivery. All our assignments start with a doability number we can deliver

Power of Network : Our network spans across India and allows us to serve you anywhere within India

Focus : We primarily focus on Salesforce, MS Dynamics and few emerging technologies.

Flexible : We offer any of Full time, Contractual, Contract to hire or Train and deploy models

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