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khv, 3, Marcel

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About Us

We @ Marcel Sourcing tackle the most daunting IT challenges head on. We design, manage and deliver IT solutions that sharpen business processes and streamline IT project delivery. And when you need it, we are also well-equipped to fill in the gaps on your team, handpicking talent from the marketplace that aligns with your company culture and business needs.

Our 3-step Staffing Strategy

Cast aWide Net

Leverage Marcel's Pan India network to source best of people, not just locally.

Matching the resource with needs

There is no more to JD. Match resources by having clear view on 'Must have' & 'Good to have' skills, including soft skills requirements.

Vetting by Subjects Matter Experts

All candidates are first screened by Marcel's empanelled SMEs before any profile reaches your desk

Who we've worked with

What clients say

Ramped up a project of 24 resources in 3 weeks time at short notice. I would like to appraise Marcel Sourcing team for delivering what they committed. Their pre-screened profiles reduces a lot burden in filtering irrelevant profiles thus accelerating faster go to market for our client's project. Kudos !
Ashish Nanotkar
The talent pool with Marcel Sourcing is simply unmatched. In fact our conversion was so huge that it overwhelmed my recruiting team ! We get many profiles from various channels but made our first hire within a week only with them. Don't miss it if you're hiring at a product startup!
Rajat Agrawal

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